Theatre plays are one of the first ways of showcasing once acting talent. Even till today they are extremely popular all around the country. Whether it is a local play or something as elaborate as a broadway show they all have their own charm. But one thing which makes any play great is the script as well as the direction. Without these two elements it is not possible to create a skit leave alone performing it. Out of all the excellent directors and scriptwriters that the country has Kate O'Donnell is the best in the theater industry.

If you want to know more about all the plays that she has directed or written then here is a list that you can refer to:-

the Truth

The Truth

The story is about a couple who are tied up in a loveless relationship but do not have the strength to tell each other about their feelings. They keep up with the facade of a happy married life, thinking that the other person still is in love. At the end they realise that their love for each other is shown by the fact that they did not want to make the other person unhappy by disclosing their initial feelings.

Children from hell

This topic touches on one of the most crucial social situations of the world today. The story is about an elderly couple who have four children. The couple worked all their life to educate and make their kids independent. But when the man of the family retires from his job, the couple are forced to separate by their children. The story unfolds showing how a fifth adopted son brings both his parents together, giving them a happy life after all.

Friends Forever

One of the most valuable relationships that you have apart from my family is with your friends. This play is about a group of five friends to go through some tough times together. The story starts by one of their friend getting disappeared without any trace. The rest of the group then decides to track his whereabouts without getting much help from any outside source. At the end the group is able to find their friend who was abducted by a fake cop.

Battling with Life

One of the most popular plays written by Kate is Battling with Life. It is based on a life journey of a young couple who have a kid suffering from incurable illness. The story takes us through how the couple struggle to make their financial situation better and try to keep their jobs all the while trying to care for their hospitalized child.

These plays are only a few examples of what Kate has written and directed. There is a long list of skits that the audience can watch. These shows are run everyday in different theaters of the city. The artists even perform them in different parts of the country to make it possible for everyone to indulge in the art of theater shows.