Kate O’Donnell is one of the most popular names in the industry. Her accomplishments are so many that it is almost impossible to fit them in one place. She has studied to become a director from one of the best institutes of the country. Apart from this she has directed and written more than hundred plays in her entire career span.

Plays directed by her are some of the most recognised in the city and are included in match watch list for travellers and locals. Apart from this to excel at the art of storytelling, Kate it even did an internship with some of the best writers of the world. Here is a small list of all her accomplishments.

Kate O'Donnell

Best Play 2016

The play Friends Forever was awarded under the Best Play 2016 category. Story was so heart touching that is captured the minds of everybody in the audience. It was the perfect balance emotions and sense of responsibility.

Best Romantic Play 2017

The Truth which is a story of a couple tied up in a loveless marriage with considered the Best Romantic play of 2017. It showed the world that midlife crisis and temporary feelings are not something that you should judge your marriage upon. Instead it made us think about focusing on the important things.

Play Writer of the Year 2016

Kate O’Donnell won the award for the best play writer of the year 2016. Her play was performed in every city of the country and has still been going strong. Till date the play has been seen for more than 400 times.

Director of the Year 2018

The most recent accomplishment of Kate is the award for director of the year. Battling with Life was a super hit play in terms of direction which made her top the charts of theatre shows. Since the play is quite recent it is still being shown in the city every week.

Best Social Message Play 2018

Last but surely not the least, the play Children from Hell was the winner of best social message play for the year 2018. It preached the correct message of loving your elderly parents and supporting them in their time of need.